• For those holes that WILL NOT count toward that play day’s game score, you may pick up and record the score you most likely would have gotten on the hole. Alternatively, follow the World Handicap System’s net double bogey rule for reporting your X handicapping scores for the holes not played or completed.   Net bogey is equal to par + 2 + any handicap strokes you receive.  To calculate net double bogey, take whatever par is for the hole, add two strokes, and add the number of handicap strokes you get on that hole.  Example: For a par 5 on which you get two “pops”, your net double bogey is 9 calculated as follows:  5 (par) + 2 (added for double bogey) + 2 (add for your “pops” on the hole). 5+2+2=9.

  • For those holes that WILL count toward the play day’s game score, you may pick up, but you will not be eligible for points for that day.  You WILL get credit toward the number of play days completed.

  • For any score that is not your actual score put an X by it for the scorers. This is needed in case your scorecard is used for a blind draw.