SIGNUP: For each play day, signups are entered on our WGA 18-Hole website ( or on the Explore the Village website (see steps below). You will be able to sign up 8 – 21 days in advance. Be sure to save your signup confirmation email for reference. The deadline for computer signup and computer cancellation is the Thursday night before the next play day.  

Explore the Village Play Day Sign Up Steps:

  1. Sign in at
  2. Select Amentities / Golf Calendar 
  3. Change Month if needed by using Arrows
  4. Click on the WGA 18 event you would like to sign up for
  5. Click Register
  6. Click in the box that says "Select Player"
  7. Click on your POA Number/Name
  8. Click Register
  9. You can view the plays days signed up for under Events /My Reservations

Note:  If your calendar does not show any events enter WGA into the Search box on the left side above the calendar.  This will bring up a list of events.  Continue with Step 4 above

LATE SIGNUP: If you miss the signup deadline, you may call, text, or email the assigned Tee Time Adjuster listed on our WGA website under PLAY DAY INFO/PAIRINGS/<date of play> to have your name put on a wait list. 

The last day a player may be added to a play day roster is Monday 5pm preceding the play day.

If there are no appropriate slots available, the late entrant will not be entered into the event.

We try our best to accommodate anyone that wants to play but cannot guarantee a tee time if you sign up late. 

CANCELS: To cancel after the signup deadline call, text, or email the assigned Tee Time Adjuster as soon as possible. If you are cancelling after 4:00pm on Wednesday, you will need to call the pro shop directly. 

Remember, unless the Play Day Chairman cancels the play day, we play rain or shine although play days will be cancelled if there is lightning in the area. If a play day is cancelled, you will be notified by a phone call if you the have the first tee time, otherwise an email will be sent out early that morning and posted on our website that the play day has been officially cancelled.

Cancellations will not be updated on our website pairings page, so you won’t be able to see cancellations.