WGA 18-Hole League

Established 1972

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Organizations History

In 1972, a few women decided to form their own golf organization in the Village. Fifteen members attended the first meeting and because so few women played 18-holes, the first play day was only nine holes. As the membership grew play changed to 18-holes. A Rules Committee was formed and a decisions was made to observe winter rules based on the conditions of the new course, DeSoto. The season was established as being March through October and dues were only $10. Tee times were at seven-minute intervals and the motto was BE ON TIME! A dinner dance for members of the Women and Men's Golf Association took place in December 1973, and continued until the groups outgrew the facilities. It was replaced with a two-day couples golf tournament. In 1974, a Women's Tri-Club Golf Association was formed between Hot Springs Village, Hot Springs Country Club and Belvedere Golf Club. Teams from each organization competed for a trophy. In 1977, the organization was enlarged to include teams from Diamondhead and the name was changed to SPA. The trophy was dropped and teams vied for prizes instead. As the Village grew so did the Golf Associations, including the formation of additions leagues. The WGA 18-Hole league takes pride that our league was one of the village pioneers, that we have a 51 year history, and around 150 women enjoy competitive golf. We pledge to maintain the integrity and values of the original founders of the organization and to provide an atmosphere of fun golf for all members this year as we have done for the past 50 years!

Mission Statment

As stated in the By-laws, "The object of the Association is to promote the pleasure of golfing recreation among its members..." The governing body consists of four officers, namely President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and the Chairpersons of the committees appointed by the President. Membership is limited to property owners or renters who are not property owners but are leasing in Hot Springs Village and have paid the transfer fee to the POA. A USGA maximum handicap index of 30.5 is required to join. GHIN handicap calculation fees MUST be paid to the POA for ASGA membership.

From the President

Hello to all female golfers, My name is Nancy Pfeiffer. I’ve lived full time in Hot Springs Village for 8 years. I am the 2023 President of the HSVWGA18 league, and I would like to share a little bit about our organization with you. The 18-Hole WGA league in Hot Springs Village started in 1972. In 50+ years we’ve welcomed women golfers with indexes from 3 to 30.5. We play on Thursday from April through October on our 8 beautiful courses. We have a diverse membership of approximately 150 players. We play different games every week, making friends while playing by the USGA rules. Don’t let “rules” scare you, it isn’t hard to play by the rules and we learn a lot about golf and the way it’s supposed to be played. Our play days offer individual games, team games, and pick your partner games so you’ll have a wide variety of interesting golf on Thursdays. We also offer at least 4 tournaments each year, including a favorite match play member/member tournament in the fall. We pair all new members with a “Big Sister” to help with questions and introductions. Even if you’ve never been part of a large group of women golfers, don’t worry our priority is enjoying good sportsmanship and camaraderie. We also offer fun social activities, golf rules clinics and support a crush cancer sale that has some great clothes, shoes and equipment at great prices with all proceeds going to cancer research. If you are new to HSV welcome to the community that I love. If you already live here and are considering joining a league, I encourage you to contact me because we have a lot to offer if you love golf and playing with incredible women. A 24-year WGA18 veteran said this year “Golf is a lifelong game we can enjoy together.” It is a lifelong game and I look forward to sharing the organization and golf with you. Birdies and Friends Nancy Pfeiffer 214-448-8559 Nancypfeiffer05@gmail.com