30/40 Team
Thursday, October 6, 2022 
Contact Tee Time Adjuster Kim Fisher at 
952-457-4592 or kimkfisher@usa.net for any additions/cancellations. 
Call the PRO SHOP if you need to cancel the day of play.
8:04 AM9:08 AM
Ann Alfson
Donna Mahle
Sherry Tiemeyer
Barbara Hinkel
Linda Maiers
Karen Nickel
Diana Beene
Mary Rittenmeyer
8:12 AM9:16 AM
Marge Harvey
Kim Winter
Melissa Boiles
Kristi Ahlquist
Becky Dost
Joan Irwin
Elizabeth Childress Jeanette Keim
8:20 AM9:24 AM
Kay Gardenhire
Sherrie Nichols
Rhonda Haynes
Josie Hanschmann
Pat Pochert
Penny Kasdorf
Kathy Hendricks
Janee Jeffries
Barbara Krone
Betty Johnson
8:28 AM9:32 AM
Kathy Norris
Sandi Smit
Pam Owens
Shirley Davis 
Janice Harvey
Mary Harper
Cathy Easterwood
Karol McNeal
Sandra Foster
Diane Beene
8:36 AM9:40 AM
Catherine Walsh
Jennifer Joyce
Liz Edwards
Judy Sloan
Marci Drews
Nancy Pfeiffer
Jill Adams
Kathy Jurek
8:44 AM
Cheri Theil
Ray Ann Schlafer
Mary Ringquist
Molly Crawshaw
Sharon Wilson
Sammie Root
Beverly Raskin
Sara Pilgrim
9:00 AM
Susan Brunette
Darla Shelton
Renee Steinpreis
Gail Forsythe


30 /40: This game can be played with 3 or 4 person teams. Three person teams need to circle 30 best scores on their cards and four person teams need to circle 40 scores. The net scores must be chosen before the team tees off on the next hole. Keep your score relative to par.   At the end of play divide your score, (relative to par) by the number of players.   Three players with +1 is 0.333   4 players with a +1 is 0.25.