Covid19 Guidelines

WGA-18 Hole COVID-19 Guidelines

The purpose of this document is a review for you of the POA Golf Department guidelines and to specify the Covid-19 guidelines the WGA18 board has suggested. The purpose is to protect everyone as we move forward into our league play.  The first part is written by the Golf Department and is a review for you.  The second part is additional guidelines from the WGA18.  Thanks for your cooperation during this uncertain time in our lives.

The Golf Department, the Golf Committee and the General Manager have agreed to gradually work towards normal operations and continue to keep our members safe. With many states loosening COVID-19restrictions, we wanted to get ahead of the curve and keep our golfing community up to date on our plans as we move forward. We understand your concerns and you may choose to ride by yourself in a POA cart during the month of April. 
Masks are optional in our golf shops. 
Beginning May 1, we will go back to the normal 2 persons per cart and the ability to have shotgun starts for special events. In May, if you wish to ride by yourself in a POA cart you will pay an additional fee for the cart seat that is unused. 
Tentative timeline for Golf course operations:
3/8/21 - Range Buckets / Bag stands. (completed)
4/1/21- Scorecards placed back on carts
4/1/21 – Ball washers replaced on courses. 
4/1/21 – Allow players to ride 2 to a POA cart but not required
4/1/21 - Foam removed from cups and ability to remove flagsticks
5/1/21 – Rakes and water fountains placed back on courses
5/1/21 – 2 riders per POA cart mandatory, if you request to ride alone, you will be charged for the 2nd cart seat.
All these changes are based on the governor’s directives and are subject to change.

 WGA 18-Hole League Additional Covid-19 Guidelines 

*Please do not play if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, have been exposed to it within 14 days, or just do not feel well!

*If you have a private cart, please try to use it.

*Annual greens pass members are encouraged to call the pro shop to check in. 

*Score cards will be given out by a starter.

*At the end of your round, one person will place the signed scorecard in the designated box for the Scoring Committee.

*As you play, do not touch anyone’s equipment including balls, clubs, towels, markers, etc.

*Park carts far enough apart so that when you enter or leave your cart you are a minimum of 6 feet away from your teammate.

*Remember wherever you are on the course or in the pro Shop area, you need to stay a minimum of 6 feet away from your friends.

* If you choose to socialize following the round, the WGA18 is not responsible for your behavior, but encourages you to follow social distancing and face covering guidelines (masks are now optional as of April 1) provided by the CDC and adopted by the state of Arkansas.

Let’s help each other out by following the friendly advice… if you “see something, say something.”  We are all golf friends and our mission through golf is to enjoy, respect, and take care of each other, especially during this uncertain time of our lives.  LET’S HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE!